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Holding Things Up To The Light


Welcome to my blog, where I tinker with the nuts and bolts (and apparently useless pieces too) of faith, culture, art, and ordinary life, and hold them up to the light of Christ.

I typically publish my thoughts (questions, doubts, opinions, observations, self-therapy, flawed but sincere conclusions) once  a week, or when life allows. I LOVE it when you share yours back.

A sampling of favorite topics:

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About Janet, Seriously

Who am I?

Best answer: I am a lover of Jesus and his unconventional ways.

Traditional Answer: A Theology and Bible teacher,  a retreat speaker, writer and fine artist, I take delight in,

  • Drawing people deeper into the love of God,
  • Inviting them to see the good, the true, the beautiful too too easily forgotten,
  • Creating a space for genuine community, an open hug of acceptance for those who are on the outside.

A Fuller Theological Seminary graduate with a Master of Arts in Theology, I enjoy visits from my daughter, two sons, two lovely daughters-in-law, and my two brilliant, adorable grandsons. I  live in Northern California with my husband, Dave, and am often found painting with oils the beauty of this area.

This blog is for you: the beautiful hearts, original thinkers, people who appreciate offbeat humor and who care about what really matters. I hope I will hear from you here.

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22 thoughts on “About Janet

  1. Cathy Harari

    Thanks Janet, for continuing to keep “connected” as the Bayside Connections class ends for the summer. See you in Fall 2012.

  2. Joyce Owen

    At last! Your VOICE!!!! in print and out there!!! Congratulations my friend. Well worth the wait. Beautiful. Inspiring. Convicting. Encouraging. Of course, I LOVE so many of the photos you’ve picked – the colors are OUTRAGEOUS in so many of them! God bless you and the work of your hands!!!

  3. sharon

    Hello Janet,
    I’m new to your blog, forwarded by my sister-in-law Marty. I too love the book Making All Things New and come back to it often. I look forward to your writings!

      1. Bayu

        If the person was your frnied, they would probably be happy to hear from you. It would be a pleasant surprise to reconnect.If they don’t reply, it could be the wrong email address or an email address that they no longer use.I use it every day.

  4. star

    I am touched by your gentle but unique insight into life with Christ I would love to catch up by phone. You are admired by me and I would like to be your companion again. Star

  5. Suzanne Allison

    So wonderful to have met you last night, Janet! Interesting how we ended up sitting next to each other, with so much in common…God loves to surprise us with little gifts like this, huh? 🙂 LOVE your blog – can’t wait to regularly read your insightful thoughts on our Lord. God’s blessings to you!

  6. Flip van der Merwe

    Love your approach, Janet! I was trying to find a “dead end road” picture when I found the one on your post called “Jesus And His Unconventional, Inefficient Way”.

    I’ll be back often!

    PS: May I use your picture with a little written rambling called “No”?

    1. Janet Hanson Post author

      Hi! Thanks for the compliment! The link for the photo is at the bottom of that page, and I’m certain I found it on one of the common domain photo sites. So, it’s not mine to give permission. Good luck!

  7. Jeff Quandt

    Hi Janet,
    Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your insight into the ways of God and His glory. He has given you eyes to recognize and call out the Lie in all of its insidious perversions of God’s wisdom, justice and epiekeia (the English words, forbearance and gentleness just don’t suffice). You speak as a prophet.
    Life and Peace,
    BTW, when did you graduate from Fuller?


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