Unfollow The Lie

“Here is something that the psychologists have so far neglected: the love of ugliness for its own sake.”~ H.L. Mencken


The lie has made us ugly.

But still we inhale, scrolling through the wireless marketplace where once ideas flourished. Now bullies hang about, kicking over common sense, sending kindness crashing, leaving decency in shards.

What is the lie? First, answer this:

Since when is the vulture our national bird? The predators cheered, the broken hearts jeered–what Kool-Aid has made this okay?

To identify the lie, I’ve peered in the darkness, a virtual entomologist lifting every rock. I’ve squinted through the screen at the trolls, the truth-less, the paranoid, resentful self-pitiers before me. And in me.

I think I know its name,  the flattering and infuriating falsehood in the room.

The Lie:

You are superior, you are worthless. You are a god, but you don’t matter. The others must defer to your offended opinion, while you grovel for crumbs of esteem.

What a sea-sickening pendulum of un-grace we swing on. May I offer a humbling cure?

You are little and you are loved. You are limited yet you are empowered. Your life was given to be given away. When you open your heart, you will find what you’re missing. When you humble yourself, your way will be clear.

But first, unfollow the lie.

“Self-love or pride is a sin when, instead of leading you to share with others the self you love, it leads you to keep your life in perpetual safe-deposit. You not only don’t accrue any interest that way but become less and less interesting every day.” ~Frederick Buechner

“And Jesus said: Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:3

Have you been sickened lately by the lie?



4 thoughts on “Unfollow The Lie

  1. Ted M.

    Thanks, Janet, for another very pithy blog. You have such a wonderful way with putting your ideas in words that are always inspiring & right to the point. Know you are busy, but don’t keep us so long waiting for the next one!

    1. Kathy Kellogg

      Un-grace…that is exactly what God has recently revealed to me. The presence of that un-grace has bound me to a deep and selfish self-consciousness throughout my life. For 67 years I have never felt really good about myself because I was judging everything I was, what I said and would do…it has really been a all consuming craziness that I just could not get away from. I believe God has worked a miracle in my life by exposing the lie at such a deep spiritual level. I love loving people and giving them grace, now I am truly loving myself the same way. What a joy filled heart I have, everything looks different to me. Love you Janet


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